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Island Turtle

Founder of BOMISpirit

Intuitive Astrologer

Shamanic Practitioner

Intuitive Astrologer, Channeler, Ceremonialist, Shamanic Practitioner

BOMISpirit Content

Intuitive Astrology Guidance, Channeling, and Readings

  • Youtube


Every week you can find free readings on YouTube that offer astrological guidance, channeled messages, and tarot readings for the collective and all zodiac signs by Island Turtle.  You can also find the video podcasts of Island Turtle Talk on BOMISpirit's YouTube Channel (@BOMISpirit)

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Bonus Content and Safe Space

Starting at $6/month USD

As a Patron you gain access to extended readings for all monthly YouTube sign readings, live detailed discussions of each New Moon and Full Moon cycles, early access to the YouTube weekly readings, and early access to Island Turtle Talk podcast episodes.​ Come join us and have fun with additional causal live hangouts that provide supportive, safe space. 

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Bonus Content for Rent & Purchase

For those wanting to experience Patreon content without becoming a Patron.


Vimeo offers the extended monthly sign readings found on Patreon for rent or purchase.  Vimeo also includes all New Moon and Full Moon live Patreon hangouts for rent or purchase. 

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Island Turtle Talk Podcast

Podcast presented by BOMISpirit

Early Access on Patreon Only!

Spotify page of Island Turtle Talk Podcast
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  • Patreon

A plethora of topics to nourish the mind, body, and soul. Whether you're looking for a deep intellectual dive into theoretical concepts, tips for physical fitness, or insights into astrological updates - Island Turtle talks about it all. Periodically, guests will be featured to share their experiences pursuing their unique passions, careers, or masteries. Guests include personal trainers, knowledge seekers, plant enthusiasts, chefs, psychics, self-proclaimed witches, and more. We are the collective, here to inspire and help the collective. Island Turtle Talk is owned and operated by BOMISpirit Corporation. Created by Lola Morales ("Island Turtle"), BOMISpirit's mission is to offer people access to beautiful souls who strive to serve others. Everyone at BOMISpirit is living their purpose and can provide others with a helping hand in living their purpose through their service and inspiration. © 2023 Bomispirit Inc.

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