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Leaf Pattern Design

Island Turtle

Intuitive Astrologer
Shamanic Practitioner

Lola Morales "Island Turtle" is the founder of BOMISpirit which promotes and produces content featuring individuals who are doing what they love and supporting others in the process. 

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The Collective

BOMISpirit's mission is to offer people access to beautiful souls who strive to serve others. Everyone at BOMISpirit is living their purpose and can provide others with a helping hand in living their own through their service and inspiration. Life is about living and enjoying the journey; let us be a part of helping you do just that. 

Lola Morales, Island Turtle Profile Photo for BOMISpirit

Meet The Collective

We Are The Collective, Here For The Collective

Click Images To Find Out More About These Beautiful Souls

Lola Morales, Island Turtle Profile Photo for BOMISpirit
Ashley Jagmohan, Ceremonialist & Channeler
Chris Norgaard, Personal Trainer
Hecate Honey, Channeler & Energy Worker
Catherine Gustave, Film Maker
Tessa Cortes, Tobacco Medicine & Medicine Wheel Guardian

BOMISpirit Content

Intuitive Astrology Guidance, Channeling, and Readings

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Island Turtle Talk (Video & Audio) Podcast

presented by BOMISpirit

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Services & Personal Sessions
With Island Turtle


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