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March 7th, 2022 - March 13th, 2022: Experimenting with Dreams

We are on a running train of positive thinking, joy, optimism, and practical dream chasing. As this train picks up steam, our ability to make dreams a reality becomes more tangible. The next move to continued balance and success may take unorthodox or experimental approaches. This is another great week for possibilities, and we should all be enjoying the ride.

Waves of Joy

Jupiter in Pisces has been creating multiple aspects for the past couple of weeks. It has been a refreshing experience that has left us feeling inspired. As the conjunction between the Sun and Jupiter begins to wain, a conjunction between the Sun and Neptune begins. This will continue the long-running happy Piscean energy. Jupiter and Neptune will work together in the coming weeks, creating another wave of dreamy Piscean vibes. For now, we can keep feeling the joy of Pisces and the blessings of lucky Jupiter.

Express Yourself & Be Different

Venus and Mars recently moved into the sign of Aquarius, continuing to stay close together for another week. The strong desire to focus on intimate relationships and to create stability has been an excellent motivator for achieving balance. Now that Venus and Mars are in Aquarius, the focus on relationships becomes more detached. Experimentation, direct communication, unconventional relationships, creative solutions, freedom of expression, and fairness will become the priority in relating to others and approaching our lives. Venus in Aquarius will want us to have fun, be intellectually challenged, and enjoy authentic, fulfilling friendships. Mars in Aquarius will beg us to do something we have never done before, especially if it's something that no one has attempted before. Our desire for autonomy will become more significant. Venus and Mars will enter into a square with Uranus in Taurus in the following weeks, creating an overwhelming need to satisfy our thirst for independence. It will be challenging to ignore Aquarius down the road if you resist Aquarius now. Who we are and what we can offer the world are moving into the forefront. The emphasis on relationships will become more relaxed, and commitment to our sense of purpose becomes the priority.

The Asteroids: Prioritizing What You Desire

This week, Vesta, Juno, and Pallas-Athena play significant roles in supporting the shift of focus towards purpose and away from experiencing deep intimacy. How others can play a role in our grand plans becomes more appealing than potential romantic indulgences.

Vesta moves into Aquarius this week and is still supporting Mars and Venus. Vesta is the asteroid that wants us to be devoted to our sacred flames, passions, and self-made missions. Vesta also nurtures healthy balanced relationships alongside creative feminine energy as she is the goddess of home and hearth. Vesta in Aquarius will help Venus and Mars to push us to focus more on our passions and how to make them viable assets.

Juno in Aquarius is still square Uranus in Taurus. Juno is the protector of women and goddess of marriage but historically highlights unhealthy power dynamics and abused feminine energy. Juno challenges Uranus to challenge us. This is an opportunity to see the impact of societal expectations on our ability to give ourselves the allowance to be who we are and live how we want to live. Under this aspect, we are also faced with our own ability to disempower ourselves. Liberation awaits on the other side of this challenge.

Pallas-Athena in Aries is conjunct Chiron. This aspect motivates us to take action, utilize lessons learned, and give ourselves what we deserve. This aspect also goes well with Vesta, Venus, and Mars in Aquarius. For some of us, delivering justice to others is our sacred desire, and Aquarius brings out the fight for social justice and our inner philanthropists.

This Week's Transits

March 9th: Mercury enters Pisces

March 10th: Vesta enters Aquarius


Aquarius offers fulfillment by accepting and expressing all facets of the truth - the truth of who you are and truth in and of itself. Honor any feelings of wanting more freedom, independence, and space for self-expression. You have ideas, and even if they are out there, it may be just what is needed at this time. Express yourself through what you're passionate about. That passion is a life purpose for some, and it could just be the allowance to be yourself for others. Attempts to resist these urges may result in frustration but will only be amplified by the upcoming aspects of Uranus square Mars and Uranus square Venus.

The Most Affected Signs*:

Capricorn [28° - 29°]

Aquarius [0° - 5°]

Pisces [15° - 20°]

You will likely feel the intensity with the energies of this week if you have personal planets in Fixed Signs (Aquarius, Taurus, Scorpio, and Leo) and Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn).

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*If you have personal planets in these signs at their respective degree points, you will energetically be impacted by these energies. Always look to your natal houses on your birth chart for where these energies may affect you personally in your life.

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