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February 28th, 2022 - March 6th, 2022: Opening Doors, Creating Heaven on Earth, & Our Impact on Others

This week ushers in a comforting wave of positivity and love. Jupiter in Pisces and the ongoing love affair between Venus and Mars will encourage positive changes in all facets of life. Our impact on our planet and other people will be a highlighted motivation within all we set to plan out this week for the future. Innovation, creative intelligence, and interdependent community support will be woven into the fabric of new ventures to be experienced on the individual level and later manifested on the global stage. As individuals, we are part of the whole of everything, and all we do impacts the whole. This feeling will become stronger in the coming months, and we enter into more Aquarian and Piscean energy alongside eclipse season in May. This is the time to plant and sow your seeds for a better future for you and for all.

Optimism & Faith

Jupiter in Pisces continues its loving emotional support as it starts to align in conjunction with the Sun in Pisces this week. When the sun takes a trip through Pisces, we can feel serenity and hope from deep within. We can experience compassion and love for the self and others that motivates us to seek more of it in our lives. The expansive energy that Jupiter is bringing to the table will make this energy spread throughout your relationships with people and opportunities you allow yourself to be open to. Jupiter is still working with Uranus in Taurus, pushing us towards healthy changes. At the beginning of the week, these aspects will stay strong and heavily supported by the Sun in Pisces sextile Uranus in Taurus, and Mercury conjunct Saturn in Aquarius. We will feel so good about accepting the new this week. Aquarius will allow us to expand our minds on managing changes, while Pisces will open our hearts to receiving them.

The Power of Human Connection

Mercury conjunct Saturn in Aquarius is doing more than just giving us some great solutions and ideas. This aspect also opens our minds to try relating to others in new ways we haven't considered before, including connecting with people we otherwise might shy away from. Connecting with people from different cultures and backgrounds is highly likely with the influence of Aquarius. Venus is still tightly conjunct Mars in Capricorn and is adding the desire for relationships that help to balance us and nurture who we are. Aquarius is the sign of emotional maturity and maintaining a healthy balance of emotional detachment within relationships to better the self and the community. This is making for a great time to seek out human connection. Jupiter will surprise you with who you may meet with an open heart and spiritual awareness. Aquarius creates ease with establishing human connection and the opportunity for collaboration. Venus and Mars provide the desire on all fronts for committed, healthy relationships. Pisces brings love and understanding into the air. If you were ever to find your tribe, that long-term partner, the bestie that will always understand you, reliable business partners, or the group you can stand together with against a cause - it is RIGHT NOW.

Doors of Opportunity Continue To Fly Open

The North Node in Taurus continues to align with other planets, activating the north node energy associated with new opportunities and a feeling of destiny. Neptune in Pisces sextile the North Node in Taurus is still very present this week as they are not moving too fast; Neptune is a generational planet and moves slowly innately. Pluto in Capricorn trine the North Node in Taurus also stands strong this week. Neptune and Pluto are catalyzing this energy of focusing on the future. Our job is to stay present within that, avoiding detachment from ourselves in the now. The sextile and the influence of Jupiter at this time allow for chances to align to what is possible. Pluto especially enables us to build stability from an understanding of the shadow. From December to the beginning of February, we have been sitting in the darkness, facing our own shadows and self-limiting beliefs that have kept us from establishing the lives we want and efforts that can help others. This was due to Venus and Mercury retrograde, including their post shadow energies. We are now stronger, wiser, and more open to who we really are and what we really want. The doors are opening, and we are ready to create our own heavens on Earth, away from the expectations of who we all have been told we are or should be.

This Week's Transits

March 2nd: New Moon ♓︎ 12° @ 12:36:06 PM EST

March 6th: Mars enters Aquarius

March 6th: Venus enters Aquarius


Embrace the open-hearted Piscean and open-minded Aquarian energies. While this energy is immensely uplifting and a time where anything is possible, we are still experiencing changes - some unwanted, while others are voluntarily initiated. Accept that change is exciting and provides a chance for something better and more fulfilling. Give yourself permission to put yourself out there and be all of who you uniquely are. This is a time when you will likely be accepted and meet new people who truly understand you. Jupiter is bringing us all luck at this time - you never know who you will meet and what opportunities will come of it. The common good and helping others will start to be at the forefront of people's minds. In the coming months, this will become more prominent and motivate people to take action. Where finances are concerned, this is a time to take risks on investments and consider making financial steps towards future goals.

The Most Affected Signs*:

Capricorn [25° - 29°]

Taurus [15° - 25°]

Aquarius [20° - 25°]

Pisces [10° - 15°]

You will likely feel the intensity with the energies of this week if you have personal planets in Fixed Signs (Aquarius, Taurus, Scorpio, and Leo) and Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn).

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*If you have personal planets in these signs at their respective degree points, you will energetically be impacted by these energies. Always look to your natal houses on your birth chart for where these energies may affect you personally in your life.

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