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Updated: Feb 12

February 7th, 2022 - February 13th, 2022: Getting Out Of Your Own Way

Mercury and Venus in their post shadow retrograde energies are showing us what we learned during the months of December and January, and it's cementing that long hard look in the mirror.

This week Mercury conjunct Pluto in Capricorn is providing that continued deep introspection from the prior week. The deep look into our own psychological states, our own personal Alice and Wonderland, is highlighting the truth of the hell that we are capable of creating within our relationships, finances, and pursuit of happiness. While it has been a long and slow road, the payoff of facing these truths is here.

Uranus in Taurus has been our change agent throughout the pandemic and this week it is aspecting Venus, Mars, and Jupiter - creating a breeding ground for positive change. We emerge from the Pluto rabbit hole with an excitement for change alongside the knowledge of how we lost our innocence due to the distorted teachings of society and tribal dynamics.

Mars in Capricorn is gifting us the drive and stamina to follow through on these new changes, and Venus lifts a hand to Mars with her insatiable desire and need to create. Venus will work with Mars in a conjunction that will be exact on February 16th, the day of the Full Moon in Leo. The dynamic duo will help us to be open and proactive in seeking harmony, fulfilling relationships, and fulfilling endeavors.

Jupiter in Pisces is presenting us with the optimism to open our mind to what is possible for us and to pursue what we thought we couldn't, and the luck to make it a little bit easier. If you can dream it, then it just may be possible.

These aspects also gift sensual and charismatic energies to invite new friendships, romances, and to bring excitement to current relationships. Aquarius is still helping us to rewrite the rules of relationships for us individually to enhance personal freedom for everyone involved. This may be a minor shift such as setting boundaries or as major as exploring polygamy; either way we should all enjoy this new found sense of freedom to be ourselves with each other.

Regarding finances, this is a time to take a risk on investment. Capricorn and Taurus dominant the energies of this week, and Jupiter's influence makes this a fortunate time to try new things and to invest.

While we take this week to integrate, be prepared that the following week will be a powerhouse of energies that will help us along these new paths of happiness and fulfillment.

The Most Affected Signs*: Capricorn, Taurus, Aquarius [10 - 15 Degrees]

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*If you have personal planets in these signs and degree points you will energetically be impacted by these energies. Always look to your personal natal houses for where in your life these energies may affect you personally.

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