February 14th - 20th

The Unlimited Self

As we continue integrating the truth of our self limiting programs that have kept us from fulfilling our own desires and living to our deepest satisfaction, a new wave of empowerment comes to uplift us directly into our dream lives.


The post shadow of Mercury and Venus retrograde are still gifting us the ability for deep understanding and breakthroughs for our addictions, tendency towards unhealthy power dynamics, and the role society and others have played in that. Many parent-child dynamics are being highlighted for us at this time. Pluto in Capricorn will continue to initiate waves of integration for the next month, while difficult, it will be blissfully liberating. We would be better off taking the difficult with the good during this time.


Valentine's Day will issue the next wave of empowerment with Pallas-Athena moving into Aries, alongside Mercury moving into Aquarius. Pluto in Capricorn will also be trine North Node Taurus on the same day.


The asteroid, Pallas-Athena, is very Libran in her nature to seek justice, wisdom, poetry, and intellect. As she moves into Aries, the natural counterpart to Libra, we will experience more drive and ease to take initiative for justice and balance. She will encourage us to problem solve during a time where we need solutions. Mercury moving into the all-seeing sign of Aquarius will aid our efforts to find solutions. Creative intelligence, unconventional thinking, and a desire for collaborative and supportive relationships will push us forward into independence, fulfilling desires, and relationships that will facilitate that. Pluto in Capricorn trine North Node Taurus will unlock more personal power, determination, and stamina via our continued integration processes. Again, take the difficult with the good.


This wave of empowerment coincides with the Full Moon in Leo at 28 degrees occurring on February 16th, 11:57 AM EST. Under this full moon joy, excitement, and luck will enhance unexpected events and decisions as we balance out our lives by prioritizing our desires for fun and love. Jupiter in Pisces sextile Uranus in Taurus, and Venus Capricorn conjunct Mars Capricorn are the big players under the full moon and all week long.


Venus conjunct Mars will be tightly conjunct all week, and exact on the Full Moon. This aspect peaks our desire for grounding, intimate, and healthy relationships. With all this energy pushing towards the new and improved, current relationships are bound to experience more shake ups - particularly if old patterns persist. Mercury shifting into Aquarius this week will help us to be social and form new friendships, particularly with those we would least expect. Venus conjunct Mars will help us to see how we can truly embrace harmonious relationships through new opportunities, revamping current relationships, or dropping those that restrict who we are and our highest potential.


Jupiter sextile Uranus will also be tightly conjunct all week, and exact on February 17th. Under this influence we may experience an eagerness for positive change especially in the realm of social justice, government, economy, and politics. There will be unexpected surprises and opportunities abound that may lead to fortuitous results. It is also a great time for investments and risk taking. The optimism and luck of Jupiter in Pisces can bring some much needed ease and soothing to the frustration of recent limiting and frustrating circumstances.


This is a week full of surprises, excitement, and joy. A week of continued empowerment through a deep understanding and reflection of who we are and how we came to be, and embracing where we could go.


The Most Affected Signs*: Capricorn [15 - 20 Degrees]/ Taurus, Aquarius, Pisces [10 - 15 Degrees]




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*If you have personal planets in these signs and degree points you will energetically be impacted by these energies. Always look to your personal natal houses for where in your life these energies may affect you personally.