February 21st - 27th

Happy Accidents, Divine Timing, and The Gift of Patience

This week we may have undesirable news, changes, delays, and misunderstandings. It's not all bad with Jupiter still giving us a helping hand. Staying open-minded and willing to reschedule our important dealings while helping others will result in positive outcomes.

Deepening of Emotions & Faith

Venus and Mars continue to help us find balance in relationships and put effort into pursuing our desires. Venus will be tightly conjunct Mars in Capricorn through Mid-March, and this week they meet up with Neptune in Pisces. Neptune will add a bonus of increased aptitude for compassion and caring for others. Romance and sexual desire will also be amplified by Neptune. This is a great time to attract an ideal partner that will match your maturity on a spiritual and emotional level. Getting creative this week is well-advised for emotional well-being and, for some, an unexpected improvement in finances.

Pisces, Pisces, Pisces: Building of Spiritual Strength & Self-awareness

Jupiter sextile Uranus has been helping us since last week to face positive changes. Neptune and Jupiter will begin working with each other next week and well into March. This initiates the building of spiritual strength and self-awareness, which will also be experienced under next week's New Moon. Pisces is helping us to be open with others while maintaining our boundaries in a healthy way that requires no force. Let Pisces uplift you this week when things get complicated or difficult conversations need to occur. These conversations may result in healing and release for you or the other person.

Aquarius V. Taurus: Happy Accidents & Breakthroughs

Mercury in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus can be an unsettling aspect. Delays in routines, changing plans, travel delays, unstable technology, and even misunderstandings are likely to occur. Breakdowns in communications are to be expected as well. Anxiety and stress may be experienced during these unpredictable events. There is a silver lining. Jupiter working with Uranus can create a positive hidden aspect to these occurrences. The unfortunate this week may have a hidden blessing or unseen positive outcome. Some of us may be liberated from circumstances that have been troubling or difficult to get out of. Aquarius may help us shift our perspective of a situation by forcibly changing it, allowing us to have a breakthrough or revelation. We can see other people differently as Pisces is still amplifying our ability for empathy.


Staying adaptable and open-minded this week is the best way to go. We may start to see things differently this week when it comes to the people or situations causing us stress or anxiety. Even if your world gets shaken up, let Jupiter surprise you and Neptune uplift you. You may find a different approach, or an unseen positive consequence might present itself. Regarding relationships, stay open and strong in knowing who you are. You may see the best in others or attract people who see that in you - especially those seeking a lifelong mating partner. Stay patient with any plans you may have. Disruptions will be your friend, and divine timing will be your best friend. Accept the present and what it brings to you.


The Most Affected Signs*:

Capricorn [20 - 25 Degrees]

Taurus, Aquarius [10 - 15 Degrees]

Pisces [10 - 20 Degrees]



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*If you have personal planets in these signs and degree points you will energetically be impacted by these energies. Always look to your personal natal houses for where in your life these energies may affect you personally.