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About Us

Bomispirit is focused on the sharing of knowledge and support for the collective.

Rodin, the founder of Bomispirit and WaterBaby Tarot, is dedicated to the path of helping others.  Bomispirit is a place of metaphysical guidance and support for those on a spiritual path and the obstacles that come with awakening to that. 

Rodin is seeking new opportunities to add to what Bomispirit can provide to the collective in sustainable property development, youth advocation, and healing ceremony. 

WaterBabyTarot, Bomispirit Founder

Rodin is a metaphysical guide, healer, and energy worker who has a passion for bringing in light to heal others and protect Gaia. Rodin shares her passion and her intuitive abilities with others on YouTube and Patreon.

Whether it's on YouTube or in one of her personal sessions, her intuitive astrology readings and abilities are there to provide insight and support.

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